QSS: An Introduction

R package

R package for the book, Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction

The R package information and instructions are also available at https://kosukeimai.github.io/qss-package.


qss is not available from CRAN, install the package from github with:

# if you have not installed the `devtools` package
# install.packages("devtools") 
install_github("kosukeimai/qss-package", build_vignettes = TRUE)


To list all data sets contained in this package:

data(package = "qss")
data(elections, package = "qss") # load the elections data
vignette(package = "qss") # list all vignettes
browseVignettes("qss") # list vignettes and R code
vignette("causality", package = "qss") # show the vignette for the Causality chapter
The Federalist papers text files are in the extdata/federalist directory of the installed package and need to be accessed as follows:
federalist_dir <- system.file("extdata", "federalist", package = "qss")
corpus.raw <- Corpus(DirSource(federalist_dir))
In 1.3.5 “Data Files”, several types of data files are discussed. These are included in extdata/:

dir(system.file("extdata", "data_files", package = "qss"))
load(system.file("extdata", "data_files", "UNpop.RData", package = "qss"))
read.csv(system.file("extdata", "data_files", "UNpop.csv", package = "qss"))
read.dta(system.file("extdata", "data_files", "UNpop.dta", package = "qss"))

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